Let’s face it, Perspica’s IT infrastructure solutions are here to make your life easier. Whether that means helping you find the answers faster or automating the repetitive jobs that take up too much of your time, Perspica’s big data analysis tools can help.

Automated IT Operations

We free your IT operations staff from routine and tedious tasks, like creating rules and setting thresholds. We learn the normal behavior of your application infrastructure and its components. As the normal behavior of the data center elements change, the thresholds are automatically changed.

Incident Diagnostics

Our Incident Replay is a time machine for data, logs, and topology. You can replay the incident as it happened, visualizing all layers of the application infrastructure topology, metrics, and logs on one screen. You can also run root cause analysis for any point in time.

Maintain Service Levels

Keeping your applications running at “customer expectation” levels has become a corner-office priority for today’s businesses. By having complete visibility into all layers of your stack, Perspica enables you to quickly determine the root cause of your issues and remediate them.

Prevent Application Outages

The key to preventing outages is to predict issues before they become problems. Perspica’s machine learning predictive analytics use a combination of behavior profiling and heuristic anomaly detection technologies to alert you to potentially dangerous issues before they impact your applications.

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